Only treatment suppurative otitis media!!!

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Otitis Media(Tympanitis) is not the serious disease, but it brings lots of pains to patients. At present, there is still no recipe that can affect a radical cure. The popular treatments in hospitals are:
    1. Nose drops;
    2. Ear washing;
    3. Oral antiphlogistics;
    4. Do the operation, repair the eardrum, recurrence rate is high.

The cure possibility of these treatments is low only with 30-40% for cure rate. Even it has been controlled periodically, it is difficult to cure once and for all.

    Mr. Cao from Jiangsu Province of P.R. China, is a specialist with the unique and effective skills for cure of otitis media though he is without the formal medical educational background. For decades, Mr. Cao had cured thousands of patients China provinces.

The recipe is medical powder. Pustule and other worthless fellows should be cleared away from ears before applying the powder, then plug absorbent cotton in the ear. There is no pain during the curing period and the patient will feel more comfortable.

Curing period: the medical powder should be replaced once per day. It takes one period of treatment for patient with acute otitis media to see the effect and two period of treatment days for patients with chronic disease to see the effect. (One period of treatment is 7 days.)

Speak Chinese:0086-13813822567 (Mr. Cao's son)
Speak Japanese: 0086-18761870516 (Mr. Cao's daughter-in-law)
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Otitis Media

    1. The medical powder is not to be taken orally and the patient should be responsible for this result caused by his own mistake.

    2. The medical powder is only effective for the otitis media with pustule.


Price: $60/One period of treatment(Package containing seven drug )